Kim Flanagan


Kim Flanagan is the Chief Operating Officer at Teen Challenge Women’s Ministries. Kim is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s degree in education. Kim is alum with the Phi Mu Fraternity, at University of Mississippi. She was the 1st graduate of Teen Challenge Women’s Program in Texas in 2005. She brings extensive experience in counseling, staff training/development, program direction and a musical background to assist our music programs. She is our most qualified team member in Teen Challenge USA accredited curriculum. PSNC, Committed to Freedom, Effective Biblical Counseling, and Peacekeeper.

Kim and Jarrod Flanagan (President) have been married 8 years as they met as two graduates of Teen Challenge programs. They have opened several Teen Challenge centers since they have been together helping thousands of people find the same grace the Lord has shown them.

Kim Flanagan has two daughters, Chandler 18 and Chrisanna 16. Kim enjoys spending time with her family, encouraging others, singing, reading, cooking, shopping, and anything that sparkles. Kim has an unrelenting passion and drive to reach the lost and hurting through the same ministry that saved her life.

Kim has dedicated her life to aid in restoring families and training women to be great mothers, wives and leaders in their communities.