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Alexandria Crum

I wasn’t raised in church and honestly never was a believer or even opened a bible until I came into Teen Challenge. I started using when I was really young-12 years old. By 19, I was an IV addict. I had my son, Isaiah, when I was 19 and because of my addiction, it was a complicated pregnancy. I actually did not know I was pregnant until the day I gave birth to my son in 2004. He was a 1 lb, 5 oz preemie and I had him at 24 weeks gestation. He was extremely sick for a very long time. The shame and guilt from my pregnancy threw me deeper and darker into my addiction. I struggled with my addiction for the next fifteen years... in and out of secure rehabs and jail.

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When I was 33, I ended up in Seattle with nothing at all but the clothes that I was wearing and an insanely expensive heroin addiction. My ex told me about TC. He told me it was free and I wouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee. I called my mom and told her that I needed help and I was serious this time—I knew I needed long term treatment, but couldn’t afford it. I flew home to Jackson, MS courtesy of my father and he picked me up at the airport and took me straight to Hinds County to turn myself in on some felony auto burglary charges. I began detoxing from heroin and once I was bonded out of jail, I got my bloodwork done and came to the Arkansas center to seek help. The Lord was working on me for a very long time (I named my son a Biblical name) and after 4 months in the program, I surrendered my life to Jesus.

Things started to change for me—restoration with my parents and son began to take place and my family was actually starting to talk to me again. The felony charges were dropped because I was in Teen Challenge and I started to feel peace in my heart once I fully let go and let God work in my life. Upon graduation, I knew I’d be staying on as an intern to get time under my belt, begin unraveling the financial mess I’d made, and further my walk with the Lord. I began to see how pouring the Joy of the Lord into these ladies helped me grow in my relationship with God. I am excited to see what God has in store for me and I look forward to sharing God’s Grace and Mercy with everyone I come into contact with!