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Multiple Locations

Arkansas Center

arkansas location
PO Box 10443
Russellville, AR 72812
The Arkansas Center is a 4.000 square foot home on nine acres in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The rugged beauty and fascinating natural wonders of the Arkansas Ozark Mountain Region provide students with an exciting and inspiring place to connect with God. The center houses the students and staff and has a new class room. The property is situated in a very serene setting with huge trees, flowerbeds, a large in-ground pool, walking track, and a woodshop.

Mississippi Center

PO Box 5192
Brandon, MS 39047
The Mississippi Center is located in rural Brandon.  The 4,800 square foot house sites on two beautiful acres of green grass and surrounding forest that provides a welcome, warm environment where the ladies have a safe refuge to seek the lord. The Brandon center has newly renovated classroom with new study cubicles to provide for the growing student population.

Missouri Center

PO Box 1688
Ozark, MO  65721
The Missouri Center is located in Ozark, which is the County Seat of Christian County.  Ozark is also the fastest growing city in Missouri. The 3,500 square foot home is a safe haven for women who have lived lives in constant fear, shame, anger and numerous other horrendous conditions. Students may come to the center broken and in need of surrender and we offer a way to find healing through Jesus Christ.

Tennessee Center

PO Box 6673
Knoxville, TN  37914
Knoxville is the home of our newly renovated Center.  We have new roofs as well as floor coverings, appliances, landscaping, and fresh paint inside and out.  The Center is spread out with four buildings working as housing, administrative, classrooms and cafeteria.

Kansas Center

PO Box 750773
Topeka, KS  66675
The center in Topeka is our fifth Women's Center and the first Teen Challenge women's program in Kansas.  the 5,400 square foot home is located in the rich farm land of rural Kansas. This beautiful  home  comes equipped with workspaces, living rooms, and shared bedrooms—with bunk beds, dressers and shared closet space.  Down stairs is enough room for a chapel.

Administrative Offices

Corporate Office

618 South Knoxville
Russellville, AR 72801

The corporate office is located in Russellville, Arkansas. Centrally located between the four centers it houses the Executive, Financial, and Human Resource offices. The office functions as a training facility as well as sanctuary for the local center. Graduations and board meetings  also occur at the corporate office.

Flowood Staff Training

Flowood Staff Training Center com
2630 Courthouse Cir, Suite B
Flowood, MS 39232

The Staff Training Offices in Flowood currently houses Executive, Technical Support, Corporate Intake and Corporate Marketing offices. Livestream Weekly Staff Training is recorded and distributed through the ministry from this facility. The office functions as a training facility as well as sanctuary for the local center. Graduations and Ministerial Training occur at the Flowood office as well.